• Heritage Centre Memorabilia

    In a continuing effort to raise the cash for the launch of the Heritage Centre the current owners of Fred’s former house are selling some of the surplus bits and […]

  • Visit the Heritage Centre

    The Fred Dibnah Heritage Centre is now open for tours! Visitors will have a guided tour of the wonderful grounds, workshops and machinery, collected by Fred over his working life, […]

  • Fred Dibnah’s Backyard

    Fred Dibnah’s Backyard Collection, new DVD. Fred Dibnah was a steeplejack, engineer and eccentric who became a TV presenter, cult figure and latterly a national institution. Fred was legendary for […]

  • Fred Dibnah, A Moving Story

    In this programme see Fred’s treasured traction engines leave their home for the very last time. It is a very sad Boxing Day in Bolton as they are moved from […]

  • Placeholder

The official biography of a national treasure (Hardback). “Fred Dibnah’s World” celebrates the life and work of Britain’s best known steeplejack and national treasure, Fred Dibnah. Before his death in […]

Fred Dibnah’s Industrial Age: A Guide to Britain’s Industrial Heritage – Where to Go, What to See. Accompanying the television series and DVD, Fred Dibnah tells Britain’s industrial history and […]

Three disk DVD set includes: ‘Fred Dibnah Getting Steamed Up’ featuring Fred Dibnah as he visits the world’s largest steam rally, the Great Dorset Steam Fair with working traction engines, […]

A charming work dedicated to the memory of ‘Our Fred’ from Paul Donoghue, who filmed Fred for many years. With many untold stories inside and the whole being presented in […]

This fantastic series sees Fred Dibnah explore his passion for great building and engineering as he visits a host of houses, castles, churches and shipyards right across Britain, bringing the […]

Fred Dibnah’s Building of Britain should be made required viewing for all students of history, archaeology, building conservation and architecture. Fred is able to make everything come to life. The […]