121 Radcliffe Road, Bolton, BL2 1NU

Originally built in 1854, this was the gatehouse for the estate owned by the Earl of Bradford.

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Yard – Home video taken in May 2006

House video taken in May 2006

House sale on hold

June 2010 – Behind the scenes footage from Fred’s House.

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  1. Joe says:

    Just added a couple more videos I tripped over.

  2. chrisrowland says:

    Very interesting! This engine has now undergine renovation at the heritage centre. It is like new now and I believe it is due to go back in to drive the line shafting system very soon. I hadn’t seen this footage until now, but having seen the engine in its’ renovated stated, the footage makes it look even more impressive. The guy in the brown shirt was our tour guide, a new FD methinks!

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