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The theme tune used on “Made in Britain” is Briccialdi’s “The Carnival of Venice” performed by James Galway

A musical tribute to Fred Dibnah

To track down rare recordings be sure to check out Is It A Record?.

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  1. i would just like to say thanks for putting my song about fred dibnah(missing you) onto your website, i loved watching fred whenever he was on the tv, he was my local hero at the end of the song is a true story about fred.. alan walton.

  2. Joe says:

    Our pleasure, thanks for creating.

  3. Pete Martin says:

    I have only just found this site and, like Alan from Darwen, wnat to thank you for putting my song (and the other three songs on the album) on your site. My knowledge and relationship with Fred is a bit different to most as I am not a mad steam enthusiast but met him through when our wives shared a palce of work. Fred invited me to sing at seveal steam fares and particularly enjoyed listening to a few banjo songs I sang. He was chuffed about the song and his two lads also made nice comments about it. Fred was an amazing fella and it was always entertaining when sharing his company. The best thing about Fred was that he was always the same whether he was on radio, TV, at his home at my home – always the same – a very down to arth genius.

  4. is my tribute to Fred.

    I saw Fred bring down Ladyshore Pit chimney (Little Lever, Bolton) when I was about 8 (around 1969).
    I only found out recently that my grand dad worked down that pit. Small world!

    Steve Warwick.

  5. dingbat dave says:


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