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5 Responses to “Pictures”

  1. Jack Dakin says:

    Just Like t’say I was Thinking of you last night whilst listnening t’ oh oh Fred Dibnah.

    Much love,

    Jack Dakin from Kilburn

  2. Terry Beddoes says:

    Great Pictures of the great man and his tractor. However he does look a bit like Sir Topham Hat in his Morning Suit. RIP Fred

  3. Mr T says:

    Fred, 8 years on and we still remember you. I would say rest in peace, but I suspect rest is not your way. So work in peace Fred, forever remembered.

  4. Allan R Kennewell says:

    It looked just like an ordenery grave till I saw the Cap & Spanner, gave me a lump in me throught.

  5. freddie the shed says:

    Dont make em like Fred anymore RIP Fred lad

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