Sheila Dibnah and Heritage Centre’s planning permission

Posted On November - 24 - 2009

Just noticed a interesting paragraph from Sheila Dibnah’s web site:

(text removed 9th December – see below)

It’s a shame that Sheila, due to current legal arrangements, can’t give her backing help when it needs it most. Edit: Sheila has clarified from the comments section, once planning permission has been granted she will be able to give the Heritage Centre her full and active assistance.

(image removed 9th December – see below)

Update #1 9th December: A comment has just been left by Jonathon Wild, who I gather is webmaster of Sheila Dibnah’s site, objecting to the text I quoted and screenshot I posted for the above news piece.

As requested by Mr Wild I have removed both the text and image that was causing concern, leaving just my own words and observations. I have also added clarification to my own observations.

Please follow the link at the top of this page to read the words that I’ve been requested remove. In case these words should change, which they no doubt will as legal situations change, please refer to this cached version of the page (dead link) from November 2009 courtesy of Google.

Update #2 14 December: Title corrected after clarification by Sheila Dibnah in the comments section.

Update #3 June 2010: Sheila Dibnah’s site now reads:

Sheila is simply delighted with the sterling work that Leon and Jan have done to ‘Fred’s World’ – and even more delighted that Fred’s Dream has come true with the Fred Dibnah Heritage Centre now open for business!

Sheila has given her full support and blessing and shall be doing what she can to promote her late husband’s name and ‘world’.

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14 Responses to “Sheila Dibnah and Heritage Centre’s planning permission”

  1. Sheila Dibnah says:

    Dear John Brown,
    I note that Jonathon Wild has been in touch regarding the website.
    Please can you now also remove the misleading header on your website that I am unable to back planning permission reffering to the proposed Heritage Centre. This is inaacurate and confusing for fans, since I DO back plans for Fred’s former home to be utilised and once planning permission is granted I shall be doing all I can to help Jan and Leon to make Fred’s dream come true. It is in the intrim period that I cannnot help. Thank you.

    • Joe says:

      Dear Sheila Dibnah,

      Thank you for taking the time to post here. I have made corrections to the above story, apologies for the concern that the original content may have caused with yourself and others.

      Please let me know directly if anything factually incorrect regarding yourself is posted here. I hope you feel as I do that correcting mistakes and misunderstanding is more beneficial than other methods to make any errors ‘disappear’, as the latter tends to lead to feelings of conspiracy.

      Here’s to a happy outcome to this whole project.

      Kind Regards,

    • kierran says:

      fred would of loved that he wanted to frive it over Scammonden Bridge

      • kierran says:

        drive not five sorry

      • james says:

        hi kierran

        fred dibnah has driven his traction engine across the scammonden bridge in his made in britan seris and I am going to drive my mamod model traction engine across the bridge as a tribute to fred dibnah the best steam enthusiast and steeplejack there ever will be.

        fred dibnah your the best

        thank you


  2. Sheila Dibnah says:

    Thanks Joe – any assistance I can give you to promote Fred’s memory…just ask!
    There are thousands of people out there as you know who still love/respect’Our Fred’. He’s pure legend. Let’s hope they get behind this project the same as they did the statue….
    Have a Happy Christmas.

    • james says:

      dear sheila dibnah i am one of fred’s fan’s I would like to meet you and i have a colloction of fred’s books dvd’s and some pictures of fred and his steam engines and a model of his statue I would like a picture with you to add to my colloction

      thank you


    • james says:

      dear sheila

      as a tribute to fred dibnah I going to drive my mamod traction engine across the Scammonden Bridge witch fred went over on his traction in his made in britan seris would you like to come and watch me and may be some more fred dibnah fan’s

      thank you


  3. m house says:

    how great it was and is to hear that sheila has been in touch with you and i hope that she will be able to get involved asap (as and when it it will be poss)

  4. Johanne says:

    Have fred’s boys been involved with any of this, I have just watched a program with them all in and it would be lovely to know that they are still keeping in with their fathers legacy. Best of luck with your project and we intend to visit one day too. Kind regards Jo

  5. Geoff says:

    Has any of his wifes/family given any thought to doing a spot of maintance at Freds grave a few moments of Family care would not go a miss

  6. Darryl Ashwell says:

    It’s a valid point Geoff and clearly something needs to be done,But remember this.Fred is national treasure, and someone who we remember in our own personal way.His son’s daugters and spouses will without doubt visit his resting place or reflect upon him continously.I’m sure that this is what you meant.

  7. kierran says:

    hi Sheila i am a fan of fred i have seen all of his dvd i went to bolton and i went to his home and i looked overhis fence they were filming i think it was the backyard collection,he came on the top of the dirve and i got his autograph and i had my picture taken with him he taken me to see the engines that was great,i saw his last chimney fall in oldham.
    thanks for that boxing day on moving the roller and traction engine out of the shead so no more damage happens to them.
    from kierran.

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