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  1. nicole stevenson says:

    Just wanted to say, what a top fella and it was a pleasure knowing him :)

    Nicole Stevenson , Jim stevenson owned “Cinderella”

  2. Graham Couch says:

    I met Fred at a village Fete in Barnoldswick, Lancs in 1999, he was very polite and gracious and signed my “Made in Britain” book in the most beautiful scroll, I will treasure this forever as I am a big fan of Fred cos he reminds me of my dad who was a similar character in personality and skill, I miss them both and will be visiting the heritage centre soon as I only live in Burnley so it’s not too far.

  3. Lloyd Blackett says:

    Tremendous Man
    A real man

  4. roger baggott says:

    i met fred at the black country museum when he was filming the ” MADE IN BRITAIN series”he was such a wonderful gentleman.i shaked his hand and said fred you are a rare man,a geniune man,god bless fred

  5. Bob Humpage says:

    Fred Dibnah, Steeplejack

    He was only a lad from Bolton
    Fred Dibner was his name
    He drove an old land rover
    And chimneys were his game

    There came a team from the BBC
    With Fred they came to speak
    We want to film you at your work
    And show it once a week.

    With ropes and ladders tied on tight
    He climbed up to the tops
    He fixed them, or he knocked them down
    With the help of old pit props,

    He went to Canvey Island
    A chimney there should fall.
    It fell a day too early
    It was his closest call.

    On steeples and up bell towers
    He worked to shape the stone
    His apex was the weather vane
    In the wind it stood alone.

    His hobby was his engines
    To rebuild and to drive
    With smoke and steam and oil
    He made them seem alive.

    He took his roller out one day
    A chimney there to build
    The roller ran away with him
    It nearly got him killed

    A tour of steam driven Britain
    He wanted to complete
    Not quite his final journey
    But a lasting brilliant feat

    Until our friend Fred left us
    He never lost his hat
    We use his words to say goodbye
    Did yer like that?

    Copyright, Bob Humpage February 2011

    • Terry Hunt says:

      Thank you Bob Humpage for putting words together that so many people have felt for a number of years! I was an avid watcher of Freds television programs and will never forget his way of making things sound so easy! Although I know this was not true! God bless and keep Freds soul in heaven for that is what he truely deserved.

  6. james says:

    dear all fred dibnah fan’s as a tribute to fred dibnah I going to drive my mamod traction engine across the Scammonden Bridge witch fred went over on his traction in his made in britan seris if any one would like to join me I will leave the details on this page I will ask sheila if she would like to come and watch us any one who wants more details can leave me a reply on this page

    thank you


  7. james says:

    dear all

    fred dibnah fan’s as a tribute to fred dibnah I going to drive my mamod traction engine witch will be towing a mamod open wagon with a matchbox model of fred’s steam rollor betsy in it across the Scammonden Bridge

    thank you


  8. james says:

    dear all

    dose anyone now witch school fred dibnah went to or witch primary schooldid fred made a weathercock for

    anyone with information please tell me

    thank you


    • Hi James,I’m a huge Fred fan,he was such a lovely chap,I was interested to know if your crossing the bridge with your model Mamod steam engine was successful?have you any interesting stories connected with it?
      I’ve just been searching the web to see when Fred visited the The Great Dorset Steam Fair held each August.I see he did and they made a video of it so I hope to get to watch it one day…I did go to that event last Saturday with my son in law and is a wonderful show,I think one needs two or three days to get around and enjoy it all.Fred really must have been in his glory meeting so many steam enthusiast from all over the world,I bet he didn’t have to buy himself 1 pint Ha.
      Freds engines etc are a long way from me in south Somerset and its unlikely they will be down this way but I would love to see them some time.
      Best wishes from Derek.Merriott.Somerset.

  9. Benjamin shinn says:

    I was brought up watching Fred from as young as I can remember and I thank my father for that. I feel humbled to have known about Fred and his amazing life and only wish I could of met the man that I regarded as a father figure and all round great bloke!! I’ve been able to pay my respects at his grave and hope to visit his home and amazing backyard soon! RIP Fred Dibnah

    Did yer like that!


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